Thursday, 1 September 2011

Dale Farm

A very short article because this is such a simple issue. It's on greenfield land. It was occupied without planning permission. It should be bulldozed. If the settlers are allowed to stay there, then we may as well tear up all rules and protections relating to greenfield sites and remove all planning application processes.

I can't understand why these people refer to themselves as travellers if they plan on living in the same location for years and refuse to move on. Let me give you the dictionary definition of 'traveller' - "A person who changes location". If those living there want to settle in one place, fine, but buy or rent a home legally like everyone else. It's that simple. These people should not be allowed to flout the law simply on the basis of some weak arguments about them being an ethnic group. Twitter, with its population of leftists who live in their own world, has pumped out occasional tweets about it being 'ethnic cleansing'. If anyone is showing bias on the basis of ethnicity, it's those who believe the group should be left alone purely because of their ethnicity. It's patronising and insulting to refer to it as ethnic cleansing, as it belittles the tragic real ethnic cleansing events which have gone on in the past and continue today elsewhere.

It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that the only people defending them are morons like Sally Bercow, who has recently busied herself with defending everyone who breaks the law and undermining local government at all possible times. She must have taken time out of her busy schedule of whining about councils taking action against council house tenants who were involved in the riots and looting, and pulling a sad face at the suggestion that rioters should have their benefits removed.

And naturally, detached international organisations like the UN have stuck their oar in, attempting to interfere with issues that have nothing to do with them. You'd be forgiven for thinking that the United Nations had more important things to do than wring its hands over a legal process in a country with a good human rights record. It should perhaps try redirecting its attention at North Korea or Zimbabwe.

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