Thursday, 5 May 2011

David Blunkett on the cost of AV

David Blunkett, No2AV patron and supporter had this to say:
"We are in the middle of an election campaign. People in elections use made-up figures. I have never used the £250m figure. It [AV] would undoubtedly cost more but I have used an extra £90m".
I still don't accept the £90 million figure, but this is at least an admission that the £250 million figure is completely false, so one of the No campaign's key arguments was a lie. Shock.


  1. Yep. Apparently £132million of that was made up from getting a new computer system (which isn't needed - Australia doesn't use one) to count Av votes and around £90million of the figure was actually spent on the referendum and educating people on what AV actually is. Which leaves about £28million, though how AV would cost even this the No campaign hasn't said.

  2. Hi Riley - thanks for the comment.

    There used to be a blog post on the No2AV website where they tried to fool everyone into thinking that Australia uses these mystical vote-counting machines that they're obsessed with. When the Australian journalist they were attacking proved them wrong, the article mysteriously disappeared. Deliberate deception seems to be a common theme with this campaign!