Friday, 4 March 2011

Yes 2 AV part two: posters

I made some posters, I did. Yes, that is how I spent my Friday night. Watching other people get drunk is overrated.

For those who don't like the irritating Labour old guard:
(All of those on the poster below are Labour patrons of No 2 AV, apart from Beckett, who is the group's President.)
Click for big

For those who don't like the Conservatives:

The even duller stuff: if, for some strange reason, you wanted to use these posters, you should be able to because I made sure all the photos allow me to use and edit them without getting my hands chopped off. Those without attribution are fully copyright free.

Photo credits:
Labour : Prescott: Skudds( Blunkett: Cellanr (, Falconer: Steve Punter (

Conservatives: Cameron: Downing Street ( Clarke: UnderClassRising ( Lansley: The Health Hotel ( Warsi: UK Home Office ( Gove: Jaywood_UK (

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