Friday, 3 December 2010

Books for you

I have a few useful collections of books to link you to. Mostly political-related in some way, but there's also some Cold War & international relations and Roman Empire stuff here. They're all available to read for free online.

"You're very frugal, aren't you, Bradley" remarked someone who saw me eating cheap Tesco crisps. It's true. I spend my time turning off unused lights, telling my parents not to buy things, and have taken up a project for the new year of doing a yearly budget. If it weren't for my parents, I would never spend anything, ever, because I just can't bear parting with my money. (Except occasional charity donations, which I'm pointing out just so I don't sound quite so cold hearted.)

So rather than demanding my Mum's credit card to buy books for school, I try to read as many online as possible. Google Books seems to be one of the web's best-kept secrets. It has loads of books, some which let you see only a few choice extracts; some which let you see certain chapters and parts; and some which let you view the whole book. Simply, it's smashing, especially since you can search inside each book to find relevant parts, rather than grappling with an index or flicking through hundreds of pages. The site is a fantastic resource for students, teachers, and just anyone who likes reading or needs to research something.

I've been compiling three little libraries of books: Politics, mostly centring on books useful for the USA course of A2 politics; Cold War/international relations books for use with the History A2 course; and Roman Empire books useful for my coursework.

Because I'm so kind and giving, they're available publicly, and I'm linking them here for your consumption. Most of the books I've listed are full-view, meaning you can read and search the entire text, but there are a few exceptions which will only let you see part of the book. There are even some which will let you download PDF copies so you can use them offline or print out bits you want a hard copy of.

Please note that they're automatically listed in order of when I added them, so the ones at the top are the most recently added. There are multiple pages for each list except the Roman Empire one, for which I've found fewer books.

I hope these will be useful for fellow students, or just anyone who's interested in these topics. I'll seek to build up more libraries in future, and will add links here to them as and when I do.

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