Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Choosing who to vote for in the Labour leader election

I love websites which make all this political stuff easier. VoteMatch launched prior to the general election earlier this year, but aims to continue to update for different elections which take place. They've therefore updated the site to help Labour members - or people just generally interested - in choosing a candidate for the leadership of the Labour party.

Having answered agree, disagree, or open-minded to each statement put before you and selected your most and least important issues, you'll be able to see a simple ranking in the form of a bar chart which shows to what degree your answers were in agreement with those of the candidates. Clicking any of the candidates' names in your results will allow you to see where you differ and agree with them. Ed M's answers are particularly impressive as they all include a statement which makes it more clear as to his position on each issue and why he takes it. It would be better if all the candidates had submitted these extended anwers too.

What is glaringly obvious is the omission of Andy Burnham, whose office did not submit his answers in time. This is disappointing as the quiz is not complete without Burnham featuring.

My results showed Ed Milliband with a clear victory, Diane Abbott a distant second and David Milliband and Ed Balls trailing in the bottom two places. I expected Ed to be top, though I would really like to see where Burnham would be placed in terms of agreement with my opinions. It is a real shame his answers aren't included.

Pop off to to complete the short quiz.

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