Thursday, 15 July 2010

How did things get this way?

What I feared would happen seems to be happening. Throughout the Raoul Moat fiasco, I suspected we'd see an outpouring of praise for him, and that's now occurring. I didn't want this to happen because I knew it would be one of those times when I start staring out the window, questioning what can be going so wrong that people exist who see a murderer and attempted murderer as a hero, and who hold the police in such contempt that they can do nothing more than wish Moat hadn't failed to kill PC David Rathband, and had managed to kill more. It leads me to ponder how people so stupid, such wastes of space exist, and why no-one is asking why such scum reside in our land.

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There's something most of the people posting comments on the Facebook 'R.I.P Raoul Moat You Legend' (update: the page has now been deleted) page have in common. I don't like to judge by appearances, but you can tell from a simple look at the photos of people posting there the kind of people they are: rough, scummy, probably benefits scroungers. They look like the stereotypical unintelligent BNP or National Front supporter. This also raises the issue for me of children being raised by scummy parents in sink-hole estates, bound to enter a life of slime themselves, perpetuating the survival of scum.

Normal, right-minded people either see the man as an unhinged selfish scum-bag, or someone in need of mental care. Certainly, we wouldn't endorse what Moat did: attempting to kill your girlfriend, successfully killing her boyfriend, and attempting to kill a police officer are not things we would praise. I would like to be able to avoid jumping on the "I hate him: I'm glad he's dead, and I only wish the police had shot him straight away" bandwagon, but I can't. He knew what he was doing, and consciously chose to do it. Having elements of a cold-hearted cynic, I also point out that it cost a great deal of money and police time to sit there trying to talk this scumbag out of shooting himself. Besides, what would have been the purpose of talking him out of it? So he could spend anything up to the rest of his life locked up in prison (highly unlikely: it would be a much shorter sentence), with taxpayers shelling out to house, feed, and look after this sub-human beast? I fear that not jumping on the bandwagon could lead me to say patronising liberal-lefty things like this: " 'Raoul Moat was a callous murderer, full stop, end of story'. Translation: 'I'm ignoring the impoverished underclass this man reveals' ". Things like that anger me because it suggests that everyone in poverty has so little self-control and is so scummy that they're all liable to go on a shooting rampage. Besides, since when was he particularly poor?

Ending my tangent, one of the things which struck me on the group was the appearance of a rhetorical question from a few people, written in different forms (though generally only partly comprehensible), asking "What would you do in that situation?" I appreciate that he'd been through some difficult times, but that happens to everyone. We don't try to solve our problems by going on murderous rampages. What he did can never be justified, no matter how big the chip on his shoulder was. Affairs take place all the time, and most people don't try to fix it through murder before going on a murderous rampage with the intention of killing police. Even if we presume he was an ordinary bloke pushed over the edge, he can never be praised for what he did, nor wished well in his death.

Allow me to take one of my favourite quotes from the page's wall:
pureeee ledgenddd fuck tha police, we need more men like moaty to clear up them dirty piggy cunts, r.i.p mate u had the rite idea!!!

Of course, we can tell from Jamess Wilkinsonn's (that's how he spells his name) that there's not much logic behind this statement. It does, however, reflect well that the idolisation of Moat stems from a hatred or strong dislike of the police. So much so that they support a man who shot one, at random and in cold blood, in the face and wanted to kill more. I can understand some anger at the police, and there are perhaps valid reasons to be concerned about the growing power of the Force in recent years, but imbeciles posting on this group aren't bright enough to care about that: they just hate coppers, and that's that. They don't need a reason. I would suggest that most people who don't like the police - and who can't explain their viewpoint any better than "fuck tha police" - have been on the wrong side of the law and been caught, or fear being caught. Police don't always get everything right, but the majority of them are hard-working, morally upstanding members of society who spend most of their day trying to protect us and maintain order.

Members of this and other groups should also remember that police are people with families, not some faceless authoritarian oppression tools. The chap who was shot in the face, and thankfully survived, has a wife and children who would have been left widowed and orphaned had Moat succeeded in his callous act.

I haven't really accomplished anything by writing this, but it's at least helped me confirm my beliefs that something needs to be done about sink estates. When you have children being brought up by moronic police-hating parents, they tend to turn out as scummy as their parents, perpetuating the cycle of morons.

There have been calls to remove the page which praises Moat. I don't support those calls because I believe in freedom of speech. I despise the people and what they say, but they have a right to say it so long as they are not directly calling for violence. Having said that, praising a child abuser, attempted murderer, and murderer walks a very fine line which could be seen as glorifying crime. It would be nice if these half-wits would just shut up of their own accord.

I'd like to be able to make comments upon some of the more moronic statements directly upon that page, but I refuse to join it. I suspect it wouldn't be worth it either; people posting there generally can't string a sentence together, let alone comprehend a counter-point.

In closing, this was a rare sensible quote posted on that horrible page's wall. Perhaps things didn't get this way after all, but have always been this way:
There have always been disaffected sociopathic people on the fringes of society who identify with and worship one of their own who achieves notoriety. The big difference between now and then is that the Internet affords an easy way for these people to group together instantly and mutually affirm each other's world view just the same as paedophiles connect with each other online and convince themselves that they have a perspective and interest that is valid. The world wide web provides that to everybody regardless of their opinions or tastes. This is the dark side of that particular moon.

I think it's also important to raise the issue of encouraging copycat killers. Now other nutcases have seen how much attention they can get from the media, and then support from people after their rampage ends - I fear we could encourage more such atrocious events in the future. This may sound unlikely, but if someone had been considering going on a rampage, the thought of being immortalised as a hero could push them just that little bit more. Having also read a summary of a psychological study, it seems we are all influenced a great deal by events - for example, the number of suicides tends to rise after a high-profile suicide. I expect most of the members of that page - however moronic they are - would not want to cause further deaths.

I'd like to think I speak for the majority of the population when I thank the police for the wonderful work they do, and say that supporters to Moat do not represent the majority of people in the UK.

Update: Despite the page being deleted, a new one has been created. These sociopathic morons just won't rest.

Also, I just came across this quote from the creator of the page - Siobhan O'Dowd on a Telegraph article:
"I think he's a legend for keeping them [the police] on their toes. I think it's funny how he hid. It's not just me who thinks this.

"It's about time someone gave the police something to do, that's what they get paid for trying to catch criminals so at least their wage was deserved."

I don't think words can describe how much of a moron this woman is.
pureeee ledgenddd fuck tha police, we need more men like moaty to clear up them dirty piggy cunts, r.i.p mate u had the rite idea!!!

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