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Most interesting conspiracy theories

I've been attacked these past couple of days by a Youtube user who informs me that BP is deliberately leaking oil in to the gulf to kill fish and ensure there's less food; is part of the New World Order; and I am either a sheep or part of the evil elite. Smashing.

Following this, I've decided to pen an article about some conspiracy theories that I think are interesting. Some of them are, I think, definitely worth looking into more before dismissing them entirely. Join me as I delve into the world of weird and wonderful theories.

The New World Order

Have you ever heard of the Bilderberg group? I hadn't either. But it's a group of powerful people: politicians, business-owners and so on, that meet every year, and depending upon who you believe, either have open and honest discussion about how to solve issues, or they plot the course of the world for the next few years, slowly working towards their plan of global world government, and force world leaders to follow their plans. It is alleged that any leaders who do not carry out the wishes of the banking elite - such as President Kennedy - are gotten rid of.

This theory alleges that it is unimportant who we elect, because the powerful elite have already picked who will win, and at any rate, all potential leaders fall under the influence of these powerful banking elite. There are variations of the New World Order theory, but there is agreement amongst those who subscribe to it that the powerful elite are collectively working towards a world Government to use  to oppress and control the rest of the population. Some also allege that the small clique of the powerful seek to reduce the population by 80 or 90%, keeping the remaining to serve them by working and being utterly subservient to the global state.

Believers point to such evidence as growing surveillance, and suggest that disasters and terrorist attacks are either planned or seized upon to further the grasp of Government over the population until such a time there is enough power within the grasp of the oligarchy to carry out their full plans and merge the world into one large state. One of the most shocking claims this theory makes is that the population will be decreased massively, and we will lack the ability to move freely, and they point to the growing climate change environmental movement as being a facade designed to make population control more acceptable, with the actual cause being natural cycles and sunspots.

Some - especially Alex Jones of, allege that there has been a eugenic agenda going on for some time, with the intention being to make most of humanity weaker and completely servile, whilst making themselves more powerful through the use of genetics and technology and do as they wish with the earth whilst the remaining population live in tightly controlled and restricted cities.

I cannot believe much of the claims that this theory puts forward, but I do think it highlights the issue of banks and powerful corporations being too powerful and holding too much influence over Government. It seems that often policies are shaped by the fear of upsetting the stock markets, shown most clearly in the copious amounts of taxpayers' money used to save the banks after their failures. Interestingly, this theory also states that the recent recession was all engineered in advance to gain greater dominance, and predictions generally point to the elite desiring a war with Iran.

I do not think this theory should be dismissed solely as insane rambling for conspiracy theorists. The long videos which put forward the case for this theory are well researched and contain valid content with input from some well-respected scholars. In any case, it is well worth having a look at some of the videos. They're not the kind of thing you'd want to watch in one sitting unless you've got a whole day with nothing to do, but some of the claims they make are quite scary, and seem to be evidenced well.

David Icke's Reptiles

[caption id="attachment_900" align="alignleft" width="132" caption="Do reptile-people control us?"][/caption]

Remember when Icke was a mere sports journalist? I don't, because I was too young, but I'm informed that he used to do that before giving it up to talk full-time about some weird reptiles which control all key politicians.

The theory basically builds upon that of the New World Order outlined above, but rather than the elite being rich banking elite from wealthy and powerful families - such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds - that send the world agenda, it is reptilian humanoids.  The cross-over occurs in that he alleges that such powerful families as those above, in addition to the family of the Queen: the Windsors, are all shape-shifting reptilians, taking the form of people to to be accepted. Even more radically, Icke proposes that the earth is not a solid sphere, but contains hollow sections where there are different planes of existence, and it is in these hollow levels that the reptiles who control us live.

In a further step up from the New World Order conspiracy above, Icke also claims that humanity itself was created by these reptiles, and they continue to control and dominate it, bending us to their will to achieve their aims of total domination to use us as they wish.

Water Fluoridation

Opponents to water fluoridation allege that it was first used in the water of Nazi concentration and death camps to ensure that inmates remained docile and could not rebel against the guards. Therefore, this theory alleges that fluoride is added to water for the purposes of making us submissive to the actions of Government, allowing them can do as they wish. From a quick and cheap bit of searching, I can't actually find any historians or potentially less biased sources saying that fluoride was used, so I'll leave that point open to being proved or disproved.

This conspiracy could also be viewed as part of the New World Order theory, with fluoridated water playing a part in keeping us under control to create a powerful oligarchy; or could be viewed as separate, with it being a way for Governments too keep us under control, but without large-scale plans for total worldwide dominance by rich families or evil lizards. One of the ways in which it is alleged that fluoride is damaging is an effect on tiny pineal gland in the brain, causing a build-up of stuff (technical term) which prevents it functioning properly.

It seems that most dentists tout the positives of fluoridation, with such properties as helping to reduce those evil tooth cavities, but I get them impression it's a bit like climate change, with the arguments like "Most people agree" or "There's consensus" used to back up the belief, relying on everyone else being right. Having said that, there's been plenty of proper research into fluoridation that concludes that fluoride has the positive effect of reducing cavities among children, though conclusions research into the effect on adults is less clear, and apparently the cases of toot decay have been steadily decreasing even in countries that stopped spurting fluoride into their water.

I haven't drunk tap water for a number of years, but that's not because of a fear of the fluoride in it, but I generally don't like the prospect of drinking all this processed water, 99.9% of it reaching safety standards isn't good enough for someone so mental that they put cling-film over their cup to prevent bacteria and bits from entering. I'll tell you about more of my mental issues another time. You can hear all about my social ineptitude, OCD manifestations, and recently self-diagnosed anxiety disorder, but for now, here's another tale of conspiracy.

11th September Attacks:

Forgive me for not calling it  9/11, but I go through the five stages of grief when I see a date written in the American format (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.) You're probably very familiar with this conspiracy theory, especially since there have been a number of TV programmes and even a film or two made by people who believe that the US Government caused the twin towers to collapse, and think you should too.

The first question we all ask ourselves with this one is "Why would a Government do such a terrible thing?" And the answer that the theory provides is, once again, one of Government control. It is difficult for most of us to believe that Bush, his Government, and the security services could have deliberately plotted the deaths of nearly 3,000 US citizens in a cold-blooded attempt to gain a mandate for more pervasive security powers, but the events following the attacks potentially add credence to this theory. Following the sad events of the 11th September, the US Government - as well as others, including the UK - introduced a raft of anti-terror legislation which they claimed were necessary to protect the security of the nation, and some freedoms would have to be the cost of that safety and security. Many members of the public - myself included - believe that the additional police powers and anti-terror legislation was necessary and put faith in their Government to protect them; some say the authorities used the tragedy as an excuse for greater control; whilst some theorists go a large step further and say the whole terrorist threat and attacks were wholly engineered with the intention of gaining greater control.

The arguments to support deliberately destroyed towers are various, but one of the main ones is the way in which the World Trade Centre collapsed, with sceptics of the official story suggesting that it resembled a controlled, deliberate collapse as opposed to one caused by the planes. It is also alleged that the heat created by the fires from the plane crashing into the Pentagon would not have been enough to vapourise the aircraft, so it not being there after the crash is fishy. Some claimed eyewitnesses or people in the buildings who got out alive also claim to have heard explosions that did not fit with the planes crashing, suggesting that there were controlled explosions being detonated.

Similar conspiracies also exist for other terrorist attacks, such as the London 7th July bombings in 2005.  Again the suggestion is that the Government or intelligence agencies planned the attacks and tried to blame terrorists.

For a more in-depth analysis and argument that it the attacks in the USA were an inside job, you should watch Loose Change, an hour-and-a-half long film about the events. I've embedded it below in case you're interested.

It's all a Dream:

Nothing exists. You don't, the stuff around me doesn't either; it's just a figment of my imagination. Alternatively, I don't exist, and I am just a figment of your imagination. This is perhaps more of a philosophical one than a conspiracy, but I'll link them together in a moment. Patience.

This theory - although I'm not sure anyone believes it - says that everything around you exists only in your imagination. It works on the premise that you can't prove that you actually exist as opposed to me being some hyper-intelligent thingy in a coma who is imagining the world around me and everything that occurs in it. Similarly, neither can I prove to you that I really exist. Because I'm sad and a bit mental, I'd been thinking about this before I read about it a few years ago in The Philosophy Files (an introduction to philosophy for idiots like me).

I tenuously link this to a conspiracy by - as the book linked above suggests - saying that, for all I know, my brain could be hooked up to some advanced virtual reality simulator by evil creatures, or my real self was a bit low on money so I put myself up for scientific experiments on the planet Zorgalu, resulting in me  being plunged into this dull and primitive world, with my real body being present on another planet or plane of existence.

Clap-trap really, but I don't think there's ever going to be a way that anyone can actually prove to someone else that they really exist. I certainly can't think of a way to prove I'm real.


Ta-da! There are plenty of others, but I thought these were perhaps some of the most interesting. As I said earlier, I don't think it would be right to dismiss all of them outright, as it is a good thing to question the official story we are given by the Government and media. On the assumption that we are not given the whole picture of events by the Government and the media, the truth perhaps sits somewhere in between the official line and the inevitable theories that pop up about dramatic events, and it's justified that we always question and pursue other explanations, no matter how uncomfortable they may be.

Oh, and for your amusement, here's some extracts of the messages sent by Mr Angry Caps Lock to me:


They should be tried for HIGH CRIMES against America and found GUILTY


I'll take three minutes out to explain it to you because apparently it to forking stupid to get it on your own.

Again your a call it leaking oil because your brAin dead
Its a FUCKING DISASTER NOT A LEAK ...&will cost America trillions of dollars { PROPERTY VALUES FISHING ETC } in the long run !

The global elitists want the American populace and the populace of the world dead!

They are going to eliminate 90% of this world population within the next 36 months to five years at me and said 9/10 people that you know all going to be dead within the next five years and you want to forking stupid to say it

...your last and final warning before the global elitists destroy America as you know it unless you are one of the SCAMBAGS and just trying to get a rise out of a fellow YouTube or personality.

But in all likelihood you are just a Flocking Moron and I was correct the first time around.

I assure you that he's an absolute pleasure to attempt to hold a conversation with. He should get his own talk radio show.

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