Monday, 28 June 2010

Diane Abbott’s sillyquotes (no. 2)

Abbott's recent abysmal performance on This Week isn't the only time she's been accused of racism. She's done it before with her silly statements about Finnish nurses. I've been unable to find the full quote, so I've got an extract from a BBC News article which contains parts as well as a little explanation:
For instance, she made the headlines after complaining that "blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" in her local hospital in east London were unsuitable as nurses because they had "never met a black person before".

It's interesting that Kenan Malik - who has written a number of books about race, racial history etc - accused Abbott of using the same arguments that were used to oppose against black immigration, when it was suggested that blacks would be unable to integrate or understand the culture of white British people. Abbott said that these Finnish nurses can't do their nursing job because they've rarely - if at all - come into contact with black people. This statement is not necessarily true, and it most certainly is completely irrelevant. She plays down the skills, ability, and even the humanity of the Finnish nurses by suggesting they would deliver a sub-par standard of care to people based upon skin colour, and thereby appears to imply they are racist, consciously or otherwise. Judging by Abbott's remarks, you'd be forgiven for thinking that black people are a different species whose organ systems function in an entirely different way to white people. Once again, we find the lefty types being the ones who make an issue out of race, making distinctions between people based upon skin colour, whilst everyone else of sound mind would see no issue at all if the nurses are qualified and competent.

Isn't it interesting that she never made such comments about people from countries with a predominantly black or Asian population emigrating to the UK to work in the NHS? I expect if anyone had made a statement like hers, but about black people, she'd have jumped on them straight away as being racist. Her double-standards allow her to be obsessed with the fact that she's black and she therefore seems to see various things as a matter of the colour of someone's skin. Ironic given her anti-racist stance.

To her credit, she later apologised. I'd say she should have kept her noisehole shut in the first place, but then we'd have less proof of how stupid and hypocritical she is.

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