Sunday, 27 June 2010

Diane Abbott’s sillyquotes (no. 1)

I'm going to attempt to do a regular series of Diane Abbott quotes to help highlight her self-righteousness, stupidity, and general incompetence throughout the Labour leadership election process. At least it'll be a nice change from lengthy rants and stuff I usually do. This series is entitled Diane Abbot's sillyquotes.

The Guardian has interviewed the Labour leader candidates, with one of the questions being "What's the wisest thing a fellow candidate has said?". All the other runners used it as an opportunity to highlight an area they agree with an opponent or something that has been said that has influenced them. Diane, however, must have heard the question as "Say something mean about the other candidates and then flatter yourself", because she responded with this:
The most stupid thing that fellow candidates have said is that immigration cost us the election. The wisest thing they have said is "I agree with Diane".

She may have misheard it because she's so far up her arse. It's a big arse.

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