Monday, 12 April 2010

Prediction: Conservatives set to focus on you

Following Labour's manifesto launch today, the Conservative party is set to launch theirs tomorrow in Battersea. I've just read a Guardian article, which shows the contrast between Labour's Soviet-union style front cover, and the hardback, simple blue cover of the Conservative manifesto. The Guardian also states that the manifesto and tomorrow's launch is set to focus upon the devolution of power to councils and people - the end to Big Government and the beginning of Big Society. Following that, I stumbled upon two pictures on TwitPic  - the Twitter image service - from the Conservatives' official account, which show what is currently being projected on the side of Battersea power station, where the launch will take place tomorrow:

I think the idea was to have us guessing about what celebrity is going to come out and endorse the Conservatives, or perhaps a more competent politician was going to replace Chris Grayling, but I think it's far more likely that it's going be one of those cheesy 'You' posters. (I last saw the like of this on a CO-OP lorry, with some cheesily-grinning woman asking me "Who owns the CO-OP", and then informing me that it's "You." If that's the case, where is my money?) Given the party's apparent plans to devolve power to people and the private sector, away from government and interference, I'm suspecting they're going to go down the cheesy line tomorrow, informing us that "You're the newest member of our team!" This seems to be made all the more likely by the fact that the manifesto's front cover contains the words 'Invitation to join the government of Britain', suggesting their plans to give us more power.

We can see an example of this frame of mind in the party's plans to allow groups of teachers and parents to set up their own schools, with state funding and assistance, in order to increase competition between schools, increase the choice of parents, and if all goes to plan, increase the standards in schools by forcing them to try to outdo each other.

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