Thursday, 11 March 2010

MP for a Week game

MP for a week gameIf you're as much as megalomaniac as I am, you may often ponder that you could do a better job than your MP and the Prime Minister (that would be pretty easy given the current sorry excuse of a PM - I'll save that for another article). The official Parliament website launched a rather snazzy game which allows you to take on the role of a constituency MP, tasked with all the usual jobs that a Member of Parliament must fulfil: ranging from replying to annoying requests from your constituents; putting forward questions to the beloved Gordy B so he can dodge them and probably shout about Lord Ashcroft instead; and voting on legislation.

MP For A Week does exactly what it says on the tin. Having chosen some options: name, whether you're part of the government party or opposition, the difficulty level, etc your week as a virtual MP begins, which basically consists on clicking on the mobile phone icon and choosing actions to take. Your virtual constituents will flood you with requests, to which you'll need to respond whilst bearing in mind the need to keep both  your party happy and not lose the support of your constituents. Each decision you make will have an impact upon the level of support you get from: your party, your constituents, and the media, so in many ways it comes down a game of putting aside your morals to do what your party wants you to do - just like real politics. You'll also have the opportunity to form committees and then trying to balance the members you choose to give their opinions and advice to achieve the best quality and widest range of opinions possible.

Whilst it the closest thing to fun antisocial teetotallers like me get, it may come into its own when being used by teachers in lessons, allowing students to see the various demands put upon MPs and the duties they fulfil. (Hint hint.)

Toddle off to to begin your journey as a virtual MP.

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